ETFs Drive BlackRock To Reach Record $10 Trillion In Assets.

Thanks to a boom of fourth-quarter flows into its exchange-traded funds (ETF), multinational investment management firm BlackRock has become the first public asset manager to reach the milestone of $10 trillion in assets.

The record-breaking three months at the tail end of 2021 saw investors put a net $104 billion in Blackrock's ETFs. The S&P 500's concurrent 11% climb, as well as its overall 27% lift for 2021, undoubtedly contributed to the achievement. Beyond the market rally, the increasing interest in long-term investment vehicles such as ETFs and mutual funds put the wheels in motion for BlackRock to make history.

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Chief Executive Officer Larry Fink said, “Our business is more diversified than ever before. Active strategies, including alternatives, contributed over 60% of 2021 organic base fee growth.”
The success of actively-managed funds entails a net of around $101 billion in flows; BlackRock currently handles $2.6 trillion in such assets. The firm's alternatives business also experienced $5.5 billion of inflows, bringing total assets to $265 billion.

BlackRock's dominance was able to withstand a notable dip in assets under management at the end of the third quarter. CEO Fink will be able to include some impressive, brag-worthy numbers in his upcoming annual letter to corporate leaders, which also discusses developments in boardroom diversity, corporate environmentalism, and more.